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Our #1 recommended airplane game is Pro Flight Simulator. This is currently one of the most popular online flight simulators on the market today. Even though some of the features need a full scenery pack, it is still a terrific product. Additionally, you will get the complete scenery set along with four great bonuses. This review will provide you with some of the primary advantages and disadvantages of the ProFlight Simulator, so that you will be able to determine if it is the right product for you.

Advantages of the Pro Flight Simulator

  • Great Selection of Airports and Aircrafts – You have more than 120 aircrafts to choose from including: propeller planes, airliners, fighter jets, helicopters and airplanes. There are also more than 20,000 real-life airports for you to land at or take off from.
  • Realistic Flying – All the movements, planetary alignments, aircraft reactions and terrain are based on data from the actual world. You will actually be able to see headlights of vehicles on some of the major roadways, while you are flying at night in this amazing airplane game.
  • Google Maps Integration – One of the best things about the ProFlight Simulator is that you will be able to fly with other players from around the world by using Google Maps.
  • Coordinated Time with Real World Time – The time used in the ProFlight Simulator is read from your system clock, and is primarily based on happenings worldwide.
  • Support for Multiple Controller – This product is capable of supporting several types of flight simulator controllers like: throttle, foot pedals and yokes, among others.
  • Lifetime of Free Updates and Money-Back-Guarantee – You will be able to get free updates as long as you have the product, and there is also a 60-day Money-Back-Guarantee.

The Four Bonuses of the ProFlight Simulator are:

  • 281-paged handbook on aircraft flying.
  • Aeron Combat Flight Simulator – Focuses on Flight Dynamics, Artificial Intelligence, Combat Maneuvering and Air Battles.
  • Kelpie Flight Planner – Utilizes real time data to help you customize all your flights.
  • Interactive Scenery Designer – You will be able to design or create practically anything that you want, including: airports, mountains, rivers and buildings.

Disadvantages of the ProFlight Simulator

  • May Take Some Time to Download – If you have a slow Internet connection, it may take some time for you to download the file, as it is pretty big. However, you can also choose to have the DVDs shipped to your home. If you are looking for an incredible airplane game simulator experience be sure to check out ProFlight simulator by clicking below.

    airplane game1 Airplane Game ProFlight Simulator

    airplane game

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Airplane Shooting Games

airplane shooting games2 Airplane Shooting Games

airplane shooting games

If you don’t have a certificate to fly a warfare aircraft but want to go through the world from a pilot’s perspective, then playing airplane shooting games might be your best choice and it does not require you to leave your home. The current airplane simulator games make use of breathtaking graphics that imitate true-to-life circumstances. If not for the lack of inertial strengths, which are high-priced if not unattainable to imitate, an individual could simply persuade himself that he is really flying an actual aircraft.

The player is positioned within a cockpit of lifelike dimensions and design. The control panel of the game contains similar instrumentation as cockpits of actual airplanes. Setting and missions in the air and on the ground are imitated from real-life.

The objective of airplane shooting games is to control an aircraft on the landing strip and in the air, similar to an actual pilot. Custom actions throughout a flight consist of keeping an eye on readings including turbulence, altitude and velocity and optimizing the game flight according to those. Prior to landing, the descent angle need to be precise and the landing gear must be correct. Conformity with commands coming from the control towers is among the regulations.

Airplane shooting games are absolutely not restricted to commercial flying.

Fighting tasks during warfare enable a player to feel what is like to become a fighter pilot, bombing targets and bringing down enemy aircrafts. A range of weapons is offered, not restricted to guns, bombs, and missiles. Because of the aspects of aerial warfare, the missions of a fighter pilot are commonly the most difficult one.

In addition, free flight aircraft missions are offered. In order to make it possible to circumnavigate the world and to distant places, players need to fly over the clouds once a storm occurs. Players will also have the chance to see several cities from several perspectives and altitudes and even fly away from the atmosphere of the earth into the outer space. These kinds of missions are indistinct and have traveling around as their idea.

Daredevil missions are a different category. These involve stunts similar to nose dives, loops, and other complicated tricks that people usually witness during air performances. Certainly, the player needs to accomplish all of these missions without crashing the aircraft. Airplane shooting games with stunt duties are identified to appeal to the most powerful adrenaline rush.

Prior to selecting a flight simulator game, make sure that it met the system requirements; otherwise the system will operate slowly.

You need to search for airplane shooting games that have quests that appeal to you. Some of these games feature a lot of missions. However, some outstanding missions are far better than a lot of second-rate missions. Airplane shooting games that enable players to make their own customized missions are more attractive.

The most significant quality of flight simulator games is its being realistic. Special effects such as acceleration and velocity are a must for airplane shooting games. If airplane shooting games don’t seem realistic, it will quickly bore the player.

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Airplane Flying Games

airplane flying games Airplane Flying Games

airplane flying games

Airplane flying games are frequently not just for fun and entertainment. They are frequently real-time flight simulators which are being utilized by a lot of flight training organizations. Airplane flying games are excellent for both aspiring pilots and individuals who simply desire to feel what it is like to become a real pilot with almost actual setting.

A flight simulator game is essentially a kind of software which provides you an experience of flying an airplane while sitting before a personal computer. There are a variety of free airplane flying games on the internet that are relatively the same when it comes to its characteristics and are available with a number of restrictions in this kind of version. For taking pleasure in the full game with every little bit of its highly developed features, you would frequently find online airplane flying games that are not for free.

Although every airplane flying games have the same general attributes, it takes some research, hard work and patience in order to pick the best out of a variety of available online flight simulator games.

Here is a list of the primary attributes that will help in deciding whether or not your chosen flight simulator game is the most excellent in terms of the value of your money.


  • To begin with, you must assess the system requirement of your chosen airplane flying game. Some people think that devoted players continue to update their personal computers; hence the system requirement isn’t a concern. On the other hand, it is constantly best to make sure if your personal computer is at one with your chosen game.


  • The lifeline of different simulation games rest on its potential to produce the realistic setting in order for the player to really feel and enjoy the game. Sceneries and simulated graphics are frequently uninteresting and are not worth the money you’ll pay for it. Select an airplane flying game that can generate a simulated flying ambiance of within a cockpit.


  • Real-time synchronization is a necessary feature of every airplane flying games. The time, weather condition and climate of the area where you desire to fly the airplane need to be real. It helps you experience as it seems that you are actually flying over your preferred country or region. For instance, if you prefer to fly on Los Angeles, the simulator need to be able to generate the precise skyline, weather condition, climate, and position of the moon or sun in that particular place. Real-time synchronization is a basic feature which improves your flying experience.


  • Be certain that the hardware of your chosen airplane flying game can be connected into the USB port. As the actual experience of flying an airplane can be felt by just using the pedals, switchboard, and joystick, it is necessary to make sure if the hardware can be simply attached at some point.


  • Ultimately, you need to ensure that one of your chosen airplane flying games has a money-back warranty in case you aren’t pleased with that specific game.

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Airplane Landing Games

airplane landing games Airplane Landing Games

airplane landing games

Online flight simulation games and airplane landing games are an excellent means of experiencing the exciting of becoming a pilot. The developers of these kinds of games have really made an effort in order to create flight simulation and airplane landing games to be almost true-to-life when it comes to how the online aircraft ands and flies. A lot of the airplane landing games are extremely well-designed on actual aircrafts that a lot of people who aspire to be pilots can play them once they aren’t on their flying lessons.

Some players of airplane landing games have difficulties in landing their aircraft. There are a lot of tips on how to safely land the airplane while playing online airplane landing games and these methods are just the same with what novice pilots are trained in reality.

Landing a virtual aircraft is similar to landing an actual aircraft as a lot of trained pilots would claim is the most challenging job in the flight. The landing process begins several miles beyond the airport and shouldn’t be made slowly and needs to be made in a sequential way. Players shouldn’t begin the landing procedure to the last instant as several online pilots do by mistake.

Landing an aircraft can be summed up as a two phase procedure. The first phase is the attempt to landing the aircraft and the second phase is the basic of landing. The landing will just be excellent and players will score more points in the game if their approach is excellent.

Throughout the approaching stage, the player need to slow the virtual aircraft from cruising velocity to an approachable momentum from which the player can further gently come down to a landing velocity. The objective of the player should be to enable the aircraft to get in touch with the runway with the least possible horizontal and vertical speed.

To attain these low speeds, the player must decrease engine power throughout the entire approach. On the other hand, simply decreasing the engine power won’t be enough in order to slow the aircraft down to the desired speed. The player must make further amendments in order to form the aircraft at certain points in his approach in order to slowly drag the aircraft even more. These include slowly increasing flaps and afterward in the succession making the landing gear longer.

Aside from the changes in the speed, the player need to also set the aircraft up in order for it to come into contact with the runway at an exact point. Moments prior to the real landing phase when the aircraft is on the verge of landing, the player must raise the nose up in order for the primary landing wheels to first come into contact with the runway. As soon as the primary landing wheels lands, the nose of the aircraft will naturally just drop down and all of the landing wheels will be then touch the runway. The main task of the player is to now stop the aircraft before the runway’s end.

By following the instructions above, you will definitely have no difficulties in scoring highly in airplane landing games.

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Flying Games

Throughout the past years, increasingly more individuals have been setting their sights on free internet flying games available online as a manner of entertainment. The demand for online games is extremely high and even arcade online developers and owners don’t end to seek out new means in order to draw more visitors into their website in this increasing market. As an outcome of this trend, seekers of online excitement can currently feast on free online flying games. As increasingly younger individuals search for this kind of amusement to spend time, teachers and parents also become interested in online simulation games, with regard to what they are experiencing and how precisely are they being persuaded by these internet multimedia applications.

Flying games on the internet are all with reference to planes and pilots. These kinds of games allow the user to be in the position of a Boeing 747 or Cessna pilot, either in a combat or for simple flying. On the sensitive side, you’ll discover that these applications simply try to provide the player a flying experience by enabling them to completely control a spacecraft or an airplane. With a basic set of guidelines, and self-explanatory action, the player is permitted to take off, change direction, decrease or increase altitude, possibly do a couple of flying tricks, and land the airplane, of course. On the tougher side, these kinds of games will place the player in the middle of hostilities, in control of a combat airplane as a combating pilot.

flying games Flying Games

flying games

Several flying games are traditionally precise and will only provide the player weapons of that specific period. As a result, the player will be provided with brief history lessons as well. Other flight games are set in the future, and will show sophisticated and more advanced artifacts. In addition, the used model aircrafts will be accurate as well, and only provide the potentials for which they were designed. A number of the more comprehensive flight simulator games will allow the player to select his airplane, together with pros and cons that are associated with it. Hence, certain information in aeronautics records is a must for anybody who wants to do extremely well in such games.

In every set of circumstances, free online flying games players will require to know the fundamentals of flying to take on the game. Similar to the technologically advanced used simulators in order to train actual astronauts and pilots in a basic platform to a certain extent. Players who are aspiring to be real pilots will obtain an initial induction to this manner of training via online free airplane games. These kinds of games are without nudity, foul language or violent behavior. They have shown to be a reliable basis of amusement for children and adults alike. In addition, online games like these are a kind of application wherein children can absolutely enjoy in groups with family and friends or by themselves. There are a variety of optimistic features of flying games, which really offset the bad features, if there are any.

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Airplane Games

Airplane games are widely known all over the internet. In fact, there are millions of players who preferred to play online games because of its amusing features. This type of game is extremely fun and fascinating. The popularity of the games came to exist because of latest technologies. With the creation of graphics and animations related to airplane games, accurate interface significantly captivated all players.

Did you know why airplane games obtain fame? The answer to this question is extremely simple. These games became popular because of its free services. Isn’t it that everyone loves freebies? Therefore, it is not so surprising if free airplane games are well-known all over the internet. As the name implies, free games doesn’t cover any costs. Because of this, lost of people especially kids love playing these games. Aside from these, the nature of the online game is totally entertaining. Since it acts as a real aircraft, players can easily understand how airplane works. Above all, playing these games can totally improve your minds. You just not play for entertainment purposes but getting excellent ideas as well. Its challenging features can teach every player to become independent in handling aircraft.

airplane games Airplane Games

airplane games

Way back to previous aircraft games, the most well-known were Sky Odyssey, Ace Combat and many more. However, with internet connections and beginners of flight simulators, effective flight games are widely known. These flight simulators significantly offer the facility to establish your own implicit aircraft and fly distinct kind of airplanes. This game mainly offers similar excitement as to the real airplane. You can fly with similar atmospheric condition, speed, land visibility and terrains as well. This game obtains fame because of its intricate knowledge improvement and exciting features. With an introduction of airplane games, the demand for numerous aircraft types and various games also arises. Several software developer and Microsoft software have become involved in this kind of business. To enhance the fascinating game, the airplane 3D concept was also introduced.

Essentially, playing airplane games is not so tough. As a player, you need to consider several things before you start. You need to familiarize every button and key navigation. You also need to read its instructions and complete your mission before the game ends. In this simple way, you can easily grasp and fly your aircraft depending on your preferences. If you desire to play this airplane game, all you need to do is to download this game or simply register online to play. These airplane games with aircraft simulator become popular and efficient. As a matter of fact, these airplane games are also commonly used by the military academy for training purposes. In this simple way, they can easily cope up with other emergency situations. These devices are extremely stylish that you get a true flying experience.

Airplane games, just like other online games are awfully exciting. As compared to any games, these online games don’t cover any cost and yet provides you a remarkable experience. It is the main reason why kids and even adults prefer to play online airplane games.

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Airplane Simulator Games

Airplane simulator games were among the original types of games created for computers. Although flight simulator games have been rather less common throughout the years, there still are a lot of titles available. Aficionados frequently claim that the market these days is among the best in recent memories, with different real-time simulators available. If you would like to feel the complexity and excitement of airplane simulator games for free, you might like to think about a variety of flight simulation games that are presently out on the market.

Personal and Commercial Flight

The vast mainstream airplane simulator games concentrate on civilian and commercial aircraft. Varying between huge commercial aircrafts to smaller private planes, these airplane simulator games have a tendency to provide players the experience of basically flying an airplane without the need of training. A lot of these games are designed in order to imitate the real flying experience, and a few games even feature realistic cockpits. These games’ complexity does differ by its manufacturer, with a number being quite simple and some almost involving realistic flight experience in order for players to master. Online flight simulator games can become an excellent means for aspiring pilots to learn whenever they can’t find time to fly.

Military Planes

There are quite a small number of real airplane simulator games that imitate military airplanes. In general, those airplane simulator games that are almost true-to-life are likely to make use of older airplanes, as the moving parts of newer airplanes are likely to be somewhat more enigmatic. These games have a tendency to concentrate on the battle feature of flying an airplane, with the abilities and tactics of true military pilots needed in order to really excel. The majority of airplane simulator games actually skew close to the arcade playing style, but there are some that do attempt to reproduce the actual air combat experience.

Arcade Simulation

While the majority of players are likely to like games that are real simulators, there are flight simulator games that seem more towards the “game” aspect of the equation that actual simulation. These games have a tendency to have simpler controls, programmed objectives and different whistles and bells that distinguish them from actual simulator games. Different to other available games, airplane simulator games can be simply played using keyboard and a mouse rather than a flight stick, and even beginners can become accustomed to the controls after just a couple of minutes of playing time.

There are a variety of flying simulation games available, each kind attracting different varieties of electronic pilots. Some reproduce the experience of flying civilian or commercial airplane, while others directly reproduce the excitement of a military flight. Still, others avoid actual simulation for further game feature, and each one is more appropriate for every player. It is constantly clever to look into the distinct games that are available, and a player need to always inspect the requirements of every game. While some airplane simulator games are compatible with the computer, others are included in the most technologically comprehensive available games.


airplane simulator games Airplane Simulator Games

airplane simulator games

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Helicopter Games

helicopter games Helicopter Games

helicopter games

Among the most challenging and fun online games these days are helicopter games. A lot of people have never actually enjoyed the chance to travel in a helicopter or be pilot of a helicopter. That is where the excitement and joy of playing online helicopter simulation games comes from. There are a lot of available versions of these games and the majority of them have their specific exclusive features which distinguishes them from each other. Playing helicopter simulator games is an excellent gaming experience as players can enjoy every single one of them without the need to be uninterested. These games are commonly available online and can be played any time through the internet.

Most people are captivated by playing online games that require playing with things from outer space, particularly helicopters that are normally beyond a person’s control. Thus, the mystery made by these games is deep and a profound desire continues in each mind in order to have power over those transportation means. If you are one of those people who are extremely attracted by the impression of such means of transportation, you need to play online chopper games. These kinds of games are unique in the sense that players are permitted to control something that is extremely beyond their imagination unless they are real pilots or an aviation department officer.

Entertainment, fun and excitement are all the standards that you’ll be able to discover in such games. Playing helicopter computer games will make you imagine yourself riding on a helicopter in a battlefield, running away from the enemies, being attacked or attacking the enemies. In addition, you will envision yourself being the pilot of a helicopter while you are on a difficult mission wherein you have to evade objects and attacks by enemies. These are all the circumstances that players can become involved with playing these free online games and a lot more. Also, you can be the antagonist that attacks the protagonists by firing at them.

You might imagine that these kinds of games need a huge amount of skill and ability, well a few do however, most of these available games are for amusement value, though they might be hard, they aren’t extremely challenging that will make players give up their gaming pilot license.

Helicopter games are extremely addictive, from a variety of circumstances that are provided through such games to the three-dimensional gameplay and breathtaking graphics that are available, payers are certain to ease their boredom by taking part in such online helicopter games. There are a lot of versions of available helicopter games and each has their specific entertainment value and gameplay.

A vast majority of helicopter games are completely addictive and appropriate for all players, both children and adults. You will certainly enjoy playing these kinds of games. Majority of the designed helicopter games aren’t extremely hard and may almost immediately raise an interest and an attraction that is difficult to avoid. Once you play helicopter games, you’ll surely love and enjoy playing them time and again and unless you become addicted to such games, it is hard for you to stop playing.

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Jet Games

Not only are jet games fun, but they are also beneficial to a number of people, particularly those that are stressed out by events at school, home or work. There are quite a number of people who believe that adults are the only ones that go through stressful situations; however, individuals of any age group are vulnerable to stress. The best way for you to prevent stress from taking over your life is to avoid stressful situations. If you are a big fan of playing games, particularly games involving jets, it is a good opportunity for you to take your mind off stressful situations.

First and foremost, you do not need to spend the entire day playing these games. You can simply choose the best time of day for you to relax and enjoy your time playing. Playing these games is a type of fun and engaging recreational activity, which is ideal for all age groups (including children, adults and older adults). Anyone can play once their bodies are able to manage the extreme emotions that are affiliated with these jet games.

jet games Jet Games

jet games

Playing games involving jets is not a strenuous activity; however, it does target the psychological area of your brain; therefore, stimulating different types of emotions. As such, when you plan on playing these games you should not only prepare yourself physically, but you should prepare yourself emotionally as well. Winning or completing these games is not the most important thing in the world; however, there are some people who do not handle losing very well. Instead of giving up, you should be more motivated to continue playing; furthermore, with dedication, practice and patience, you will be able to complete and win these games.

The feelings associated with winning jet games are great stress relievers. If you are constantly busy with things involving school, home or work, you should take a break and play one of these games, so that you can avoid becoming burnt out. Once you have won the game, you will find that your mind shifts into a positive state.

It is possible for you to enjoy a game, once you like what you are playing and you have the determination to finish the game despite how hard it is. Jet games can always be played in your spare time, and there is no risk of your playing interrupting your daily activities once you know how to limit yourself.

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Welcome To Airplane Games 360 dot com

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